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School of Blues resumes Kelowna at the Rotary Centre of the Arts - with Kenny " Blues Boss" Wayne April 27th - 28th at the Eldorado Kelowna Sherman Doucette Blues Duet with Karl Hourigan / Guitar. Big news inviting all my friends in Calgary performing at the Blues Can May 5/6 weekend with a great band - boogie to the blues.

Tankful of Blues

Tankful of Blues 

I heard the name Sherman Doucette before, but I never had the chance to listen to any of his stuff (after all he's way out west and I'm not).  I managed to get my hands on a copy of Sherman with his new band and I really liked what I heard.  Another harp album you say! Well yes, but another great harp album.  His originals "Siideways", "The Blues Aint Nothing" and Bb Boogie" are great examples of some fine up-beat tunes.  Sherman also covers "The Thrill is Gone" and "Crazy Mixed Up World" quite nicely.  He has quite a few albums and sound clips featured on his website that you might want to check out.  ( - EB


 If you love good boogie, blues & soul, don't miss Sherman Doucette & TANKful of BLUES. 

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